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Kentucky Skills U – A New Pathway Towards A High School Equivalency Credential

Kentucky adults who never completed their high school education and also don’t hold a GED diploma, now can earn an HSE (high school equivalency) diploma with no need to pass a test. As the Kentucky Skills U video states: The More You Learn, The More You’ll Earn:

On August 31, 2018, a new Administrative Regulation became effective in Kentucky that allows the state’s new Kentucky Skills U Program to award qualifying applicants the “Commonwealth of the State of Kentucky HSE (High School Equivalency) Diploma “for completion of credit hours at an institution of the Kentucky Community & Technical College System.”

Qualifying candidates for this program need to be at least 19 years old, not already hold a high school diploma or equivalent, have a valid Kentucky address, and meet the placement and admission requirements of the institutions within the state’s Community & Technical College System (KCTCS).

State adult education officials of the Kentucky Postsecondary Education Council said that it’s imperative to create alternative and innovative options beyond the standardized GED test for allowing state residents to demonstrate that they have the competencies, knowledge, and skills at a level comparable to high school graduates and that they are ready to get into college.

There is a growing need for schools to become more nimble, responsive, and flexible in assisting and supporting students in obtaining contemporary skills through accelerated models. Creating an effective study plan for exams is key for applicants planning to go on to college and eligible applicants are qualifying for the Commonwealth of Kentucky HSE (High School Equivalency) Diploma when they have successfully completed at least 3 credit hours (of at least 12 in total) in the following content fields and hold official KCTCS transcripts:

Written Communication; Natural Sciences; Social & Behavioral Sciences; and Quantitative Reasoning. Successfully completing these courses entails passing the courses with a grade that’s greater than or equal to “C.” (This constitutes at least 2.0 on a scale that goes to 4.0). Applicants may also be awarded credit for prior study achievements as indicated on official KCTCS transcripts. For test-taking strategies, check out this article.

There are 16 colleges within the Kentucky Community & Technical College System that offer post-secondary and higher education options in over seventy locations across the state. So now, through this cooperation between Kentucky Skills U and the Commonwealth’s College System, people without a high school diploma, also adults wanting to go back to college, have the chance to earn their high school equivalency degree while at the same time, they’ll be working towards college credit.

This opens doors not only to numerous new career opportunities, but also the chance for them to continue their academic education in college and achieve an associate degree or certificate, or even go on for a higher degree. Studying in college, though, is quite different than studying in high school. You need to be able to work more independently so see also this post with tips for effective note taking skills in college.

One direction that enjoys increasing student popularity is learning American Sign Language. There’s hardly any TV news show anymore where you don’t see a sign language interpreter standing besides people speaking at press conferences when major events occur. This seems to be a promising career option.

KY Skills U was formerly called Kentucky Adult Education and KCTCS officials and staff have reviewed and assessed the entry-level courses that are used in the content areas. The courses that are meeting or exceeding the skills and knowledge at a level of the GED test at the college-ready (165-175) or the college-level PLUS college credit level (175-200) enable students to get submitting ACT or SAT scores waived. Non-qualifying students can, of course, always choose to follow an online GED course to help them earn their GED diploma and still go to college. Online GED courses prove a fresh start for anyone of any age!

To earn the Commonwealth of KY High School Equivalency Diploma, candidates need to submit official KCTCS transcripts that document that they successfully completed the required credit hours. Additionally, they must submit a full application as well as pay a $25 application fee to KY Skills U. More information about the Commonwealth of Kentucky HSE (High School Equivalency) Diploma program, get in touch with Kentucky Skills U at 502-892-3058. It’s all about the Freedom of Education, one of our nation’s great achievements!