Going Back to College as an Adult

Today’s post is inspired by my husband as well as myself in a way, but mostly just him. It’s back to school season, and not just for the grade schoolers! While I got to sleep in, manage the house and watch the kids yesterday, Mike arose early out of bed to drive to his first of many 7 am classes followed by another two classes.  This is normal in Israel but here I have my doubts. He then drove directly to the train and then to work.

In total, his day lasted 21 hours straight. You see, Mike works a full-time job 2 and a half hours away in NYC, owns a house, has a wife (me!), two kids and is now a traditional full-time college student (after a 7-year hiatus!). It’s not like he works a dead-end job that pays very little.

It’s just that in his field, in order to really make a decent living, you have to bust your butt and work a ton of overtime that isn’t even necessarily always available. To have a 5-hour round-trip commute to a job you cannot stand can really wear a person down.

So when we discussed me going back to school in the fall, he decided that was something he wanted to do as well. And he isn’t going to school for just any degree. He’s pursuing a degree in something he truly enjoys. What do you call doing work that you love? Not doing work at all!