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GED Online Programs Review

If you prepare for the GED® test, you almost certainly look for a GED program that will help you to get prepared for the test. You might want to opt-in for one of the free GED prep programs that are available online like BestGEDClasses where free GED practice tests are offered as well.

But if you want some extra features such as progress tracking, you might want to look for paid GED programs. So, here is our overview of existing online GED programs with a short summary and our opinion.

We did our best to check them out, but everyone learns in their own way. There is no way to measure how you will respond to the teaching of any of these GED programs. So, our recommendations may not work as well for you as they work for us. Your GED will make you a good college student so your financial future will be safe!

Covcell GED Prep– this program consists of a lot of short videos and mini-quizzes. Lessons are short and focus only on one concept at a time. Students can check their understanding as they move throughout the content by taking mini-quizzes after every lesson. Worth noticing is that the Math course has lessons called Pre-GED, one of the program’s better academic services. These lessons explain all basic but often forgotten math rules.

There is nice progress checking feature and programs play nice on your phone as well as on a computer and help you schedule your tests fast. You can apply your new knowledge in many practice tests. Covcell offers various levels starting from $39, and all plans give you access for 2 years to GED lessons. Some levels include free vouchers for the official GED Ready tests. Covcell is a popular choice of GED prep between people from the business community and people known from media. See also this post about Craig J. Boykin who went from GED to Ph.D.

Essential Ed (also known as GED Academy or we reviewed this program some time ago in our office. You can read our GED Academy review here. This is a well-known program that has been available since 2003. This program is often used together with lessons offered by instructors in GED classes. To use this program on your smartphone or tablet, you need to use the Puffin Web Browser app. The price is $15 per month or $99 one time.

DCS GED Prep– is a high school equivalency prep program available since 2000 and the website and the program interface are pretty much from those days. They offer GED prep in English and Spanish. The Spanish language version is a pretty unique offering so it worth noticing. The price is $65 for 4 months, after this time you can keep learning using the program if you pay $10 per month.

Kaplan GED Prep– For years, Kaplan was known for their GED prep training books and now they added videos based on their book’s content. The program provides many practice tests and a diagnostic test. If you have any questions or any request about the content, you can send an email to get support from their faculty. This GED program costs $129 for 3 months.

There are also 2 other programs called GED Live. These are recorded class sessions that you can attend from your phone, tablet, or home computer. 60-90-minute class sessions are covering concepts in Math, RLA (Reasoning through Language Arts), Science, and Social Studies that you’ll need to know to pass the tests. Each subject cost $59, and you will have access to the recordings for 45 days. All courses are available on your phone as well as a computer.

Ed2go- has its own version of preparation for GED testing; this course is similar to GED Live, lessons are led by an instructor and recording of these lessons are available to students. This course costs $149 and takes 12 weeks to complete. It doesn’t mean that you will be ready to pass the GED test in 12 weeks. Read also our post about KY Skills U, the former Kentucky Adult Education program.

KET -Fast Forward– offers 4 subject preparation with plenty of practice tests and Instructional videos. Each subject course begins with a test containing 25 questions and based on this test, the program will recommend lessons students might need to be successful on the college campus, achieve better employment, and have better health and life in general.

KET’s program recently announced that their program is also available offline and can be used by prison systems. The program cost $129 for all subjects and includes GED Ready vouchers so financial aid is also provided. There are also supplementary workbooks available for an extra fee of $9.95.

Excel High School- offers an Online Prep Course for the GED and prep classes begin every 4-weeks. Once a session starts, two lessons will be released each week, for the six-week duration of your course. You will have access to all previously released lessons until the course ends. The course lasts 6 weeks and costs $ 169. After these weeks, you will have access for only 10 more days to the course materials.

GED Programs Reviews Conclusion

There are probably other GED programs that we didn’t include in this review, but we are not familiar with them, so we didn’t write about it. If you would attend any education events at, for example, your local library or bookstore, that fits your calendar, you might learn a lot more about the accessibility of public continuing education options.

The GED program has a long-standing history in supporting and training the nation’s workforce so sign up the required forms and study long hours to get all set fast! More information may also be available through platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

We will update this article in the next six months and let you know what changed and report more news so you can register for the GED test self-assured. Your test results and transcript, or transcripts, will be available right after you took the test. If you would like to let us know your opinion of any of these GED programs, send us an email. We would love to hear your comments.