GED Information


download-15Q. If a student needs scores right now. Is the examiner allowed to provide a copy?
A. No, test centers are not giving out score details. The state office is issuing diplomas and official transcripts. Through AERIN, adult education programs can access student scores, but these scores are only available to support the programs with their instruction efforts, and not to give out score information to students.

Q. If a student has no Social Security number, can he/she still student test?
A. There’s no need for students to hold a Social Security number, nor do they need to be U.S. citizens, to be able to test for the GED exam. All students, though, must the eligibility requirements that apply in Kentucky. When a student is not having a Social Security number, providers funded through KYAE must give those students the number that they use for enrollment to AERIN. The student is required to enter this same number onto the answer sheets and demographics form instead of the social security number. This grants the adult education center access to student scores through AERIN. On the answer sheets and demographics form, the students must indicate that this number is a ‘Jurisdiction’, and not a Social Security number. For non-funded programs, bubble KY5, residence county code (3 digits), day and month of birth of the student. Test centers can access student records also by birth date and name.

Q. Some students will perform better if they take just one test at a time. Can that be scheduled?
A. Yes. In January 2014, the GED exam switched to a modular system. There are four sub-tests, and students can register and pay for one of these tests when they think they’re ready to do so. Test scores remain valid for two years from your first registration, so within that time frame, students must have completed all four sub-tests. Registration is done online at

Q. The examiner said I needed to pay their mileage. I also had to guarantee a specific amount of testing fees if they were to come to the county where I live. Is that possible and legal?
A. Test centers are receiving no funds for GED testing. Addendum sites are generally required to guarantee a specific sum in revenue for test dates to enable an official GED Test Center to cover all expenses for that specific test session. Usually, addendum sites are asked to furnish mileage for expenses the examiner has to make to travel to the site, so they will either pay minimum amount in testing fees or a per-session fee. You cannot expect a testing center’s sponsoring institution (usually a Community or Technical College, or a Board of Education) to fund testing for entire regions. Official GED Testing Sites are stimulated to set written agreements with addendum sites that state which services the testing site will provide as well as indicate what compensation addendum sites need to provide.

Q. A student’s name is misspelled on the diploma. How can this be fixed?
A. All students enter their names on all answer sheets and the demographic form. When a student’s name is misspelled on a diploma, this is because they entered their name incorrectly. In that case, the student must return both diploma and the transcript that hold the incorrect name to the GED test site’s examiner.This must be done the test center where the student took the exam. Only then can a corrected diploma (and transcript) be issued.