GED Online Programs Review

If you prepare for the GED® test, you almost certainly look for a GED program that will help you to get prepared for the test. You might want to opt-in for one of the free GED prep programs that are available online like BestGEDClasses where free GED practice tests are offered as well.

But if you want some extra features such as progress tracking, you might want to look for paid GED programs. So, here is our overview of existing online GED programs with a short summary and our opinion.

We did our best to check them out, but everyone learns in their own way. There is no way to measure how you will respond to the teaching of any of these GED programs. So, our recommendations may not work as well for you as they work for us. Your GED will make you a good college student so your financial future will be safe!

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From GED to PhD

We talked with Craig J. Boykin who not only obtained his GED® diploma but also worked his way up to Master’s degrees in Theology and in Criminal Justice. Moreover, he now is working towards his Ph.D. in adult education. Craig is also the author of a book (“My Life, Your Inspiration”) on how to pick up your life and a highly sought-after motivational speaker. Here is his inspiring story.

Craig experienced numerous challenges and he thinks that this triggered his enthusiasm for supporting those people who are not so fortunate. In evaluating the incidents of his life, Craig came to the realization that this all started long before he was born.

His mother grew up in a broken home without her biological father, and as a desolate high school dropout who was physically and emotionally misused, she brought her firstborn, Craig, into this world when she was only 16 years of age.

She did not have a job, she was a single mother with three kids, and she reluctantly needed to make use of public welfare to support her and get hold of food stamps.

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Kentucky Skills U – A New Pathway Towards A High School Equivalency Credential

Kentucky adults who never completed their high school education and also don’t hold a GED diploma, now can earn an HSE (high school equivalency) diploma with no need to pass a test. As the Kentucky Skills U video states: The More You Learn, The More You’ll Earn:

On August 31, 2018, a new Administrative Regulation became effective in Kentucky that allows the state’s new Kentucky Skills U Program to award qualifying applicants the “Commonwealth of the State of Kentucky HSE (High School Equivalency) Diploma “for completion of credit hours at an institution of the Kentucky Community & Technical College System.”

Qualifying candidates for this program need to be at least 19 years old, not already hold a high school diploma or equivalent, have a valid Kentucky address, and meet the placement and admission requirements of the institutions within the state’s Community & Technical College System (KCTCS).

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Test taking strategies

General Tips

The GED tests are done completely on a computer, except for students with disabilities who are required and allowed to take the tests in a paper-based format. Let’s take a look at paper-based testing now. Also here, the scores on your GED exam are based exclusively on how many of the test’s questions you answered correctly, and you can only benefit if you answer all questions.

Candidates should not be spending too much of the given time on each individual question, so if you don’t know an answer you best mark that answer that seemed to be best in the first place. If you mark two answers for a question, you will not receive any credit for that specific question. For each question, just one answer may be marked, there is always just one correct answer to each individual question.

Please be sure that your marks on the answer sheets completely fill the circles and are dark. The multiple choice questions on your Writing Skills answer sheet have large bubbles that surround smaller white bubbles, and you only need to fill the smaller white bubbles.

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Schools Sign On To ‘Signing’

Signing up for sign-language classes is meaning “taking a number” at West Lafayette, Indiana,’s Purdue University. Last fall, all eight sections were filled to capacity, and more than 450 students had to be turned away due to lacking capacity. Let’s see how long it will be before Sign Language will be introduced into the GED program!

All across America, the demand for sign-language at college level classes has been increasing over the past years, according to American Sign Language (ASL) linguists at Purdue. We also see that a large number of universities and colleges have approved ASL for second-language or foreign-language credit.

Over the last two decades, the picture has changed dramatically, as reported by linguists at Boston’s Northeastern University, a school that has been recognizing ASL as a foreign language since the mid-197o’s. Today, there are numerous post-secondary schools that are offering ASL instruction, and over 80 colleges and universities are accepting ASL for foreign-language requirements.

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Effective Note Taking Skills in Lectures

This post will tell you a bit more about studying for an academic degree in college. Your GED diploma qualifies you for a great college education but there are things you need to be aware of. Also, if you plan to take an online course, the following will be important to read through to avoid disappointment.

In school, the teachers often just taught from the book. Students would jot down a few words and study the book and they would be fine. Students who take the same approach to note taking in college will find themselves in a world of trouble.

The material in the books is significantly harder to understand and often, the lecture is necessary to make sense of the material. You cannot pass classes if you rely solely on the books for studying; you need to combine your lecture notes with the written material.

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Creating a Study Plan for your Exams

Once you’ve secured your GED diploma, you can go to college and any college student can tell you that if you do not have a solid study plan, getting through college with passing grades can be tough. If you try to just squeeze in studying whenever you can, without having a study plan, you will find that you will always be working against deadlines and exams can creep up on you. Last minute assignments are never your best work; stop waiting until the last minute and learn to study without stress by creating a study plan.

Your college study plan is like a guideline of how you are going to accomplish your college goals. Too many students start college and end up dropping out because they find that they are overwhelmed with the entire college process.

Once you start what next? Having a study plan that encompasses all of your classes is a necessity. You cannot overlook the “easy” classes because they need attention too. Setting a study plan will take a lot of the burden of college off your shoulders, because you will have a study plan that you can always refer back to and follow, making it easy to not get overwhelmed or fall behind in your classes.

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Online GED Courses Provide A Fresh Start For Any Age

If you are thinking about getting your GED, you can do it at any time that you decide that you are ready to. This is because there are always the kinds of courses which will help you to get the right kind of education. These are perfect whether you are a student who dropped out of high school for other reasons or an adult who was never able to finish high school.

The courses that you can take do not discriminate on age and they are developed in such a way that you will be able to understand the material no matter how long it has been since you learned it. Even those who never attended high school will be able to get the instruction that they need to pass the GED.

The most important thing to remember whenever you are going through these kinds of courses is that you will need to get individual attention if you have a need for special care. Those with learning disabilities, as well as those who might not have even attended high school, will need all of the help that they can get.

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Going Back to College as an Adult

Today’s post is inspired by my husband as well as myself in a way, but mostly just him. It’s back to school season, and not just for the grade schoolers! While I got to sleep in, manage the house and watch the kids yesterday, Mike arose early out of bed to drive to his first of many 7 am classes followed by another two classes.  This is normal in Israel but here I have my doubts. He then drove directly to the train and then to work.

In total, his day lasted 21 hours straight. You see, Mike works a full-time job 2 and a half hours away in Lexington, owns a house, has a wife (me!), two kids and is now a traditional full-time college student (after a 7-year hiatus!). It’s not like he works a dead-end job that pays very little.

It’s just that in his field, in order to really make a decent living, you have to bust your butt and work a ton of overtime that isn’t even necessarily always available. To have a 5-hour round-trip commute to a job you cannot stand can really wear a person down.

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Pros and Cons of Online Education

Many people may wonder why online learning is expanding by leaps and bounds. The real reasons why people are resulting in online education solutions rather than attending their local college or university is highly based on a matter of each individuals opinion. However, some of these opinions are similar in reasoning. See also this Wallstreet Journal video about the Pros and Cons of Online Education:

There is the option to attend the class anytime

Online education solutions are popular because they allow you to take the course anytime and anywhere. This gives students the availability to look after their kids, go to work, travel and tend to their daily activities. A traveling business person can easily attend to the responsibilities of an online class while still tending to business, a single mom can still help her kids with their homework and complete the house chores and still meet the obligations of their online class this is the benefit of online education solutions.

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