Effective Note Taking Skills in Lectures

This post will tell you a bit more about studying for an academic degree in college. Your GED diploma qualifies you for a great college education but there are things you need to be aware of. Also, if you plan to take an online course, the following will be important to read through to avoid disappointment.

In school, the teachers often just taught from the book. Students would jot down a few words and study the book and they would be fine. Students who take the same approach to note taking in college will find themselves in a world of trouble.

The material in the books is significantly harder to understand and often, the lecture is necessary to make sense of the material. You cannot pass classes if you rely solely on the books for studying; you need to combine your lecture notes with the written material.

Frantically scribbling down notes only to find out that you cannot understand them when it is time to study, will sideline your college progress, which is why effective note taking skills are so important.  The good news is that it is easy to learn how to hone your note-taking skills.  It takes more than just writing down all that you can and then hoping that it makes sense later.  You need to find a way for you to take notes that works for you.

Here is your guide to effective note taking for classroom lectures:

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Creating a Study Plan for your Exams

Once you’ve secured your GED diploma, you can go to college and any college student can tell you that if you do not have a solid study plan, getting through college with passing grades can be tough. If you try to just squeeze in studying whenever you can, without having a study plan, you will find that you will always be working against deadlines and exams can creep up on you. Last minute assignments are never your best work; stop waiting until the last minute and learn to study without stress by creating a study plan.

Your college study plan is like a guideline of how you are going to accomplish your college goals. Too many students start college and end up dropping out because they find that they are overwhelmed with the entire college process.

Once you start what next? Having a study plan that encompasses all of your classes is a necessity. You cannot overlook the “easy” classes because they need attention too. Setting a study plan will take a lot of the burden of college off your shoulders, because you will have a study plan that you can always refer back to and follow, making it easy to not get overwhelmed or fall behind in your classes.

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Online GED Courses Provide A Fresh Start For Any Age

If you are thinking about getting your GED, you can do it at any time that you decide that you are ready to. This is because there are always the kinds of courses which will help you to get the right kind of education. These are perfect whether you are a student who dropped out of high school for other reasons or an adult who was never able to finish high school.

The courses that you can take do not discriminate on age and they are developed in such a way that you will be able to understand the material no matter how long it has been since you learned it. Even those who never attended high school will be able to get the instruction that they need to pass the GED.

The most important thing to remember whenever you are going through these kinds of courses is that you will need to get individual attention if you have a need for special care. Those with learning disabilities, as well as those who might not have even attended high school, will need all of the help that they can get.

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Online Programs Offer Ways to Advance in Many Fields

The field that you are working in has a lot of opportunities for those willing to take some initiative. This means that you will need to not only strive for a better position. You will need to take steps to make sure that you are becoming better. Education is one of the strongest ways that you will be able to better yourself. Check out this Boston University video that explains much:

Of course, the challenge is if you are already working. You do not have the time to simply go to the different colleges and take courses. Even taking courses on the weekends might not be a viable option for you. This is when you might want to consider taking courses online.

Studying When You Want To

The best part that you will be able to get from online courses is that there is no set class time. You will be able to study the material whenever you have the time to do it. If you are held late at work or you have to bring dome work home, it will not interfere with your education and vice versa.

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Pros and Cons of Online Education

Many people may wonder why online learning is expanding by leaps and bounds. The real reasons why people are resulting in online education solutions rather than attending their local college or university is highly based on a matter of each individuals opinion. However, some of these opinions are similar in reasoning. See also this Wallstreet Journal video about the Pros and Cons of Online Education:

There is the option to attend the class anytime

Online education solutions are popular because they allow you to take the course anytime and anywhere. This gives students the availability to look after their kids, go to work, travel and tend to their daily activities. A traveling business person can easily attend to the responsibilities of an online class while still tending to business, a single mom can still help her kids with their homework and complete the house chores and still meet the obligations of their online class this is the benefit of online education solutions.

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Online Learning – An Opportunity for Everyone, Anywhere

Distance learning covers a wide range of opportunities, from correspondence courses to virtual classrooms on the Internet, and the concept has been around for quite some time.

When the traditional classroom wasn’t available

While online education over the Internet is a relatively new development, the concept of distance learning is actually much older than most people realize. As far back as the mid-1800’s, some colleges were offering distance learning opportunities to students through correspondence courses.

This provided a way for teachers, lawyers, doctors and ministers on the western frontier in the United States to keep up with recent developments and pursue advanced degrees. At the end of the First World War, soldiers returning from the war were offered opportunities to pursue a variety of classes through correspondence courses and take classes via two-way radio.

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Freedom of Education

First, what freedom of education is NOT: It is not the “right” to a compulsory, tax-funded education (the gross mischaracterization of mandatory government schooling as a “freedom” notwithstanding). Neither is it being allowed to attend a privately-funded school in lieu of a government school.

It is also not the “right” to transfer one’s child to another government institution instead of settling for the one to which she has been assigned. It is not vouchers, or tax credits, or charter schools. And it is absolutely NOT jumping through hoops in order to be “permitted” to directly oversee the education of one’s own children (aka “homeschooling”).

Rather, freedom of education is education free from government establishment, oversight, assessment, standards, restriction, registration, and funding. That is the kind of education and student organizations on which this country was foundedThat is the kind of education that produced the men and women who risked their lives to establish this republic.
“When you reach for the money is when they slip on the handcuffs.” Government funding guarantees government control. And where there is government control, there is not freedom of education.

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Earn a Degree and Access Distance Learning

Literally, as soon as the Internet became available to the masses, colleges and schools have begun to take advantage of this new form of communication with distance learning programs. Calendars, forums, and notices have been posted online for years, and now gradually students can take enhanced programs with links to helpful sites, lecture notes, and even submit homework all via the Internet. So earn a degree and access distance learning.

Now courses are even available online for distance learning. Today you can even earn your entire degree by distance learning, and take advantage of the numerous schools that want you as their student to get the best education possible.

Beat The Competition With a Distance Learning Degree – What To Do

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Information for GED Students in Kentucky

Adult education is far more than just GED preparation. However, as nearly one in five Kentuckians did not finish high school, earning a GED is very often the bridge that will help these individuals get employment, qualify for job advancement, or gain admission to postsecondary education or technical or vocational training.

The GED exam provides a standardized measure of high school achievement, and passing the exam means exactly the same across America. In every state, from Maine to California, and throughout Canada, the GED credential is recognized and accepted just like a regular high school diploma.

Because of the reliability, rigor, and validity of the GED exam, the GED credential is accepted by practically all employers and institutions of higher education across North America and the rest of the world. The new GED exam is more rigorous than any earlier edition so proper preparation is key, and fortunately, today students can benefit from pretty good online preparation options.

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Going Back to College as an Adult

Today’s post is inspired by my husband as well as myself in a way, but mostly just him. It’s back to school season, and not just for the grade schoolers! While I got to sleep in, manage the house and watch the kids yesterday, Mike arose early out of bed to drive to his first of many 7 am classes followed by another two classes.  This is normal in Israel but here I have my doubts. He then drove directly to the train and then to work.

In total, his day lasted 21 hours straight. You see, Mike works a full-time job 2 and a half hours away in NYC, owns a house, has a wife (me!), two kids and is now a traditional full-time college student (after a 7-year hiatus!). It’s not like he works a dead-end job that pays very little. It’s just that in his field, in order to really make a decent living, you have to bust your butt and work a ton of overtime that isn’t even necessarily always available. To have a 5-hour round-trip commute to a job you cannot stand can really wear a person down.

So when we discussed me going back to school in the fall, he decided that was something he wanted to do as well. And he isn’t going to school for just any degree. He’s pursuing a degree in something he truly enjoys. What do you call doing work that you love? Not doing work at all!