COABE 2009

For many years, the Commission on Adult Basic Education (COABE) has organized annual Conferences to promote and advance adult education across America and beyond, and to evaluate, improve, and stimulate literacy opportunities for each individual.

Students who never graduated from high school, are offered the opportunity to attend free classes (online or in adult education centers) to get ready for the GED exam. Students who did complete high school, but wish to enhance their reading, communication, or math skills, may also qualify for totally free adult education programs throughout all Kentucky counties or over the Internet.

COABE is continually promoting literacy programs and adult education. This field includes Adult Basic Education (ABE), English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), General Education Development (GED), Adult Secondary Education, Family Literacy, Workforce Development, Skills Development, and other federal, state, regional, and private education programs aimed at assisting disadvantaged, under-educated, or underprivileged adults to boost their skills and knowledge so they may be functioning effectively in society.

COABE is additionally providing leadership to advance the education and opportunities of all adults in the process of lifelong learning. The Commission is committed to unifying and developing human resources and encourages research while communicating with the public and its members. It offers many services to its members and aims to advance literacy and adult education in general.

In 2009, the Kentucky Association for Adult & Continuing Education (KAACE) hosted the annual COABE Conference and together, to evaluate and support all their Adult Education efforts. The KAACE organization is servicing and supporting numerous disciplines and agencies concerned with lifelong learning and community education and development.

For many years, KAACE has been a crucial link to professionals in all fields that connect to these topics, from periodical meetings with for professionals and organizing key discussions on current situations, to various publications that will keep all stakeholders informed of community and adult education activities all across Kentucky.

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